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Functional fabrics
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Functional Fabric Series

Teflon Fabric Series 1/2
UV-Cut Fabric Series 1/2
Lamination Fabric Series 1/2
Moisture Wicking Fabrics 1/2
Fire Retardant Fabrics 1/2
Germ Resistant Fabric and Deodorization Fabric
Printing fabric products Series
Oxford Fabric Series
Jacquard fabric production Series
Ski suit fabric Series
Winter clothes functional fabric
Golf Clothing Fabric Series 1/2
Anti-Mite-Fabrics 1/2
Cool-Fabrics / Hot-Fabrics

Textile Fabric Test

Fabric Abrasion Resistance Test
Fabric Water Repellency Test
Water Vapor Permeability Test
Textile Tensile strength Test and Textile Tear strength test
Color Fastness to Washing Test
Fabric Water Pressure Test

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Functional Series:

 Teflon Series Fabrics | Anti-UV Fabrics | Lamination Fabrics | Wicking Series Fabrics
Flame Retardant Fabrics | Germ Resistant and Deodorization Fabrics | Printing Series Fabrics
Oxford Series Fabric | Dobby Jacquard Fabrics | Ski Suit Fabric Series | Golf Clothes Fabric
Winter Clothes Functional Fabrics | Anti-Mite Fabrics | Cool-Fabrics and Hot-Fabrics

UV-CUT Fabric Series:
Prevention of ultraviolet radiation on the human body injury, has been an increasing number of consumers paying attention to. The ultraviolet solar spectrum not only in textile bleaching and brittle, which also can burn human skin aging, producing melanin and pigmentation, but also induced more severe cancer, endangering human health. Harmful ultraviolet radiation on the human body has drawn increasing attention around the world, Australia and other countries explicitly require students to have the sun protection clothing and other functions, our country has also developed standards for textile anti-ultraviolet.
UV-CUT Fabric Series
Uv-cut fabrics with the fabric is using the principle of uv absorber absorb ultraviolet light, make the high-energy to low energy conversion, low energy into heat or shorter wavelengths, thereby eliminating the electromagnetic wave ultraviolet harm to human body and fabric, use ultraviolet reflex agent can increase the fabric of ultraviolet reflex and scattering function, prevent through the fabric. Summer is cool, thermal insulation, tactility of performance. That is the national standard UPF < 30 +, UVA through rate > 5% of the fabric is not able to uv-cut fabric product called. Uv sunscreen degrees unit is calculated value, Anti-uv UPF function method, UPF = skin protection under the minimum quantity/skin erythema of radiation protection under the red spot, also is the smallest exposure when you wear the dress when you can afford a few times sunlight time. Anti-UV fabric including cotton, hemp, silk, wool and chemical fiber fabric such as well, some sort of Anti-UV fabric craft in 180-400nm band ultraviolet (especially uv-a and UV - B) has good absorption and scattering function transformation, reflected by finishing of fabrics, non-toxic, no stimulation to the skin and body does not produce without allergic reaction, also does not affect the color of fabric with wet absorption performance of steam. Good UV fabrics to 100-400cm band of ultraviolet ray, especially uv-a and UV absorption of good - B, after washing 50 times ultraviolet transmittance still less than 1%, ultraviolet ray also can achieve shade coefficient UPF to 50 + the highest level.
UV-CUT Fabric Series
Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. UV-resistant fabric development and application of the latest UV technology to improve the lightfastness of textiles and old color, intensity, enhanced UV-shielding properties of textiles, non-toxic to human security, no stimulation of the skin, allergic reaction resistance to washing. In particular, UV-A, UV-B has a good absorption and emission effects, shielding and strong, anti-ultraviolet radiation rate of 95% or more .

An excessive amount of ultraviolet radiation will produce skin burns, and skin and even skin cancer induced, but also promote the formation of cataracts and reduce the body's immune function.
1) Therefore, in order to protect the human body to prevent excessive ultraviolet radiation, while UV textile finishing;
2) Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd., after finishing anti-UV product was non-toxic to human security, on the skin without stimulation, no allergic reaction, does not affect the fabric color, strength and absorption of wet steam.

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