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Functional fabrics
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Functional Fabric Series

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Functional Series:

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Germ Resistant and deodorization Functional fabrics:
Principles of antimicrobial fabric:
Antimicrobial fabric has good security, it can be totally eliminated from the fabric and efficient bacteria, fungi and mold, Germ resistant and deodorization  Functional fabricsto keep the fabric clean and can prevent bacterial regeneration and reproduction. Note bacteriostatic agent in high temperature fabric dyeing polyester and nylon fibers within the fabric antibacterial agent injection was fixedon the inside and fiber by fiber protection, it has a wash and reliable broad-spectrum anti-bacterial effect. The antibacterial principle is that it destroys the bacteria cell wall, due to intracellular osmotic pressure of extracellular osmotic pressure is 20 to 30 times the cell membrane rupture, leakage of cytoplasmic materials, which would also terminate the process of the microbial metabolism, so that microorganisms can not grow and reproduction .

After finishing of textile fabrics to make finished fabric has permanent anti-bacterial deodorant antibacterial function and mold and other features, is the leading antimicrobial antibacterial, deodorant multifunction finishing mold.
Germ resistant and deodorization  Functional fabrics
Antibacterial antibacterial, deodorant mold for the production of functional fabric, Germ resistant and deodorization underwear, Germ resistant and deodorization casual wear, Germ resistant and deodorization bedding, Germ resistant and deodorization towels, Germ resistant and deodorization socks, Germ resistant and deodorization work clothes, such as clothing, Germ resistant and deodorization home textiles, Germ resistant and deodorization medical textiles.

Bacteriostatic deodorant antibacterial fabric bactericidal functions, mildew odor, high strength moisture absorption, breathable perspiration,skin care, anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, remove heavy metals, the elimination of formaldehyde, aromatic ammonia, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet function, the formation of multi-functional products of natural green.
Germ resistant and deodorization  Functional fabrics
Bacteriostatic deodorant fabrics for all types of the human body against bacteria, fungi have a very strong growth and reproduction of fast inhibition, inhibition rate of more than 99.9%, applicable to a variety of textiles, fabric can be given to highly efficient and resistant to anti-bacterial deodorant washing and washing resistance does not change more than 30 times. For cotton, blending, chemical fiber, non-woven fabrics, leather and other fabrics.

The main products are anti-bacterial fabric finishing odor, anti-mite and anti-bacterial fabric finishing, anti-mite fabric finishing, fabric finishing pest control, fabric finishing mold, mildew anti-corrosion material, natural anti-bacterial fabric moisturizing, anti-UV fabric finishing, finishing Sweat-absorbent fabric Quick-drying, Skincare finishing fabrics, fire-retardant fabric finishing, anti-oil waterproof fabric, soft fabric.

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