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Functional fabrics
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Functional Fabric Series

Teflon Fabric Series 1/2
UV-Cut Fabric Series 1/2
Lamination Fabric Series 1/2
Moisture Wicking Fabrics 1/2
Fire Retardant Fabrics 1/2
Germ Resistant Fabric and Deodorization Fabric
Printing fabric products Series
Oxford Fabric Series
Jacquard fabric production Series
Ski suit fabric Series
Winter clothes functional fabric
Golf Clothing Fabric Series 1/2
Anti-Mite-Fabrics 1/2
Cool-Fabrics / Hot-Fabrics

Textile Fabric Test

Fabric Abrasion Resistance Test
Fabric Water Repellency Test
Water Vapor Permeability Test
Textile Tensile strength Test and Textile Tear strength test
Color Fastness to Washing Test
Fabric Water Pressure Test

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Functional Series:

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Three characteristics of Breathable Lamination Fabric materials(soft shell fabric):
1) high-performance wind lasting fabric surface. Waterproof and has excellent antistatic properties;
2) TPU, TPFE, PU, PEVA, PE, such as the transfer of coating to ensure a wide range of films breathable, good water vapor permeability; Three composite fabrics
3) Lining fabric with moisture absorption and perspiration deodorant dual inhibitory function;
4) layer structure (Breathable Lamination fabric), high-performance thin-film surface and in close connection with the fabric, lining fabric loose and flexible;
5) three-tier structure(Breathable Lamination Fabric), the surface of thin film sandwiched between the fabric and lining fabric;

This fabric with a high wind, high waterproof, breathable, warm, anti-aging, anti-freezing, wear-resistant rub. And many other features. So keep your body dry and comfortable long-term.
After the three-tier composite products (Breathable Lamination Fabric) soft, high peel strength, washable, hydrolysis resistance, low temperature, waterproof and moisture permeable material, such as the advantages of stability.

Is mainly used for Jackets, ski wear clothing, outdoor leisure clothing, jackets, sports and leisure clothing, special uniforms, medical and sanitary materials, national defense military industry, ski suit fabric, climbing fabric, winter clothes fabric, special fabric, high-grade outdoor clothing, sporting goods, military apparel, aerospace, medical field, fire protection and other industries.

Three composite fabrics(Breathable Lamination Fabric) is a high functional fabrics with warm wind, wear polish, high waterproof, breathable high gas permeability, such as the effectiveness of anti-acid. In particular, have the function of waterproof breathable TPU, PTFE composite fabrics, vapor permeability as compared with ordinary waterproof fabric in terms of a more soft, peeling fastness strong, tear-resistant and many other advantages.

Knowledge of composite materials (Breathable Lamination Fabric): Three composite fabrics
Clothing fabric is a layer of composite or multi-layer textile materials, non-woven materials and other functional materials bonded laminate made by a new type of material. Composite material was divided into the ordinary fabric composite (where the fabric and through the adhesive bonding material formed so as to improve the fabric

Texture, suitable for garment processing technology to simplify and scale of production) and the function of composite materials (composites after fabrics with a waterproof and moisture permeable, anti-radiation, wash-resistant, anti-wear and other special functions). Internationally popular composite six kinds of process, that is thermally dissolved powder point coating

Layer composite (Breathable Lamination Fabric) process, slurry point thermally dissolved complex process, hot sol powder composites: process, heat two-point composite sol process, polyurethane spray complex process, polyurethane composite fabric composite technology is a relatively new market by the development of a fabric,

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