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Kunshan City YingJie Textile Import&Export Co.,Ltd. Functional fabrics
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functional fabrics
  Teflon Functional fabrics   Anti-UV Functional fabrics   Anti-Mite Fabrics Functional fabrics
  Teflon Fabrics   UV-CUT Fabrics   Anti-mite Fabrics
  Lamination Functional fabrics   Wicking Functional fabrics   cool-fabrics and hot-fabrics
  Lamination Fabrics   Wicking Fabrics   COOL-Fabrics
  Fire Retardant Functional fabrics
							  germ resistant and deodorization  Functional fabrics   Golf Clothes Fabrics Series
  Flame Retardant Fabric   Germ Resistant and deodorization Fabric   Golf Clothes Fabrics

Kunshan City YingJie Textile Import&Export Co.,Ltd.
is situated in Kunshan city, Jiangsu Province, an important economic cultural town in China, 50km west of Shanghai downtown, and 40km east of Suzhou downtown..has complete set of excellent processing equipment, advanced production technology and strict quality managing system...
Specialized in processing all types of chemical fiber fabrics, blended fabrics, especially good at functional treatment of fabrics and production of high performance waterproof fabric, waterproof and moisture vapor permeability fabric, EN471 fluorescent fabric, flame retardant fabrics, anti-static fabric

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