Product Name: GODE Jacquard for bag Fabric Products Manufacturers & Suppliers
Category: Polyester Nylon Jacquard product fabric Series
Nature: Recommend
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 Product Details

NO.                YJ-SP-030

Description   GODE Jacquard for bag

Specication     68D*200D

Composition 100%POLYESTER

Gram/SM      118G/SM

Width             56/57INCH

Color              GOLD YELLOW

Finish             PD+WP+PA COAT

Scope of ApplicationReady-made clothes, jacket, leisurewear, down clothes, Golf apparel fabrics, sportswear, wedding clothes, special clothes(soldier uniform, police uniform, traffic uniform , and other uniforms for special industries),pyjama, raincoat, parasol, umbrella, tent, sleeping bag, car cover, luggage, bedspread, quilt cover, desk cover, shoe &hat, glove, curtain and etc

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