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Function of fabric moisture perspiration:
Wicking fibers generally have a higher ratio of surface area, the surface of a large number of excited holes or grooves, the cross-sectional differences in general as a particular shape, the use of capillary effect, the fiber surface of the skin quickly absorbs moisture and sweat, through the proliferation, passed to the outer layer of hair.

1, fiber absorbent Function of fabric moisture perspiration Wicking Fabric Series
Wicking fiber has the characteristics of water absorption is the fiber surface, there are many internal and external communication of the micro-or fibril gap and surface grooves, making water easilyinto the fibers, while the number of tube along the fiber axis direction of the groove or a capillary, provide access for the migration of moisture, so there is a good absorbent fibers. After the absorbent does not appear like a relative, as a result of water absorption and swelling phenomenon.

2, fiber drying of
Polyester between the water main by a large number of micro-capillary fiber grip of gravity is, or the machinery to maintain the fibers of the capillary. Under normal ambient temperature water easily transported to the fiber surface and the evaporation off.
Function of fabric moisture perspiration Wicking Fabric Series
Perspiration absorption features through the fabric structure that is designed or modified, such as fiber, to change the fabric of the absorption of water, mobile, such as the nature of perspiration, and at the same time with thewater absorption and drying of. Perspiration perspiration is the use of fiber micro-fiber surface of the capillary groove generated by the phenomenon of so sweat wicking, diffusion, transmission, etc., quickly moved to the fabric surface and divergence, sothat it can quickly evaporate so as to maintain the dry skin flu. At the same time, it does not humid like the state of cotton fiber as lodging, has always been able to maintain the fabric and skin micro-climate comfortable, and achieve the purpose of comfort.

Perspirationabsorption material can be widely used in shirts, jackets, sportswear, underwear, pants, lining, decorative products and other fields. Moisture perspiration use personal clothing fibers can improve the comfort, because the adjustable personal clothing and skin surface moisture and humidity between the relationship between the (climate clothing), clothing and skin contact or contact with a sense of pressure, can referred to as the "fabric to breathe," not only has the cotton fabric of touch products, but also a refreshing feeling.
Function of fabric moisture perspiration Wicking Fabric Series
The use of fiber perspiration absorption, the most striking is that in the field of sports-related, so in the apparel, race suits, such as the use of large-scale use has been the trend, particularly in the field of sporting goods, this feature has been identified as the functional requirements. Fibers of the sportswear field of very strong demand.

Moisture absorption of the rapid development of perspiration fabric, special functional textiles have been developed, because of its excellent features and competitive price, the next fabric in addition to moisture perspiration for sportswear, casual wear, underwear and other clothing uses to North Korea multi-purpose development, such as the shoe, furniture, health care, protection and agriculture

Quick-drying moisture, the fabric was shaped fiber, the application of capillary principle, to the skin surface of the rapid absorption of sweat and moisture, conductive, spread to the fabric surface and the rapid evaporation into the air to make clothing to keep dry, comfortable feeling of the human body.

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