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Functional fabrics
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Functional Fabric Series

Teflon Fabric Series 1/2
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Winter clothes functional fabric
Golf Clothing Fabric Series 1/2
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Textile Fabric Test

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Textile Tensile strength Test and Textile Tear strength test
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Functional Series:

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Golf Clothing Fabric Series:
Such fabrics to use more environmentally friendly composite materials has been common from the initial composite (fabric + fabrics knitted at the end), developed to the more popular nowadays multi-layer composite (fabric + PU / TPU / PTFE + knitted fabric at the end), with rub wear, Golf Clothes Fabrics Serieswashable, windproof warmth, high waterproof, breathable high vapor permeability and other functions, is a men's windbreaker, golf clothing and other high-end clothing the best choice.

Golf apparel men to not only natural and fresh, more self-confidence and noble atmosphere. Select theappropriate golf clothing, is particularly crucial. This fall's golf clothing, breathable fabric is extremely thin and light, both wind, sand, water-resistant features, can be both style and detail. A wealth of styles, in addition to wearing a suit while they are playing outside, leisure, outdoor, when a gentleman dressed in style will be unique.
Golf Clothes Fabrics Series
Golf Clothing fabrics:
Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd production personal comfort golf apparel fabrics, texture soft, the skin is to be protected, cool andfresh, bright colors and elegant fabrics, non-deformation, non-bleaching. This fabric withperspiration and skin to protect the health of the new functional fiber, which is the use of fiber micro-groove surface of the capillary phenomenon have to sweat through the skin surface of the core absorption﹑ transfer the role of proliferation, the rapid absorption of divergent Tai area to make quick-drying fabric, while the use of fiber permeability characteristics of the heat from the body, so keep the skin dry. Golf Clothes Fabrics Series

Golf apparel fabric characteristics:
1. Through the fiber body will sweat to keep skin feeling cool;
2. Wearing a soft, comfortable, quick-drying moisture absorption, excellent air permeability;
3. In the humid environment is also enhanced comfort;
4. Dirt easy to clean;

Golf apparel fabrics mainly in the following varieties: Golf clothing polyester fabric, nylon fabric golf apparel, golf apparel oxford fabrics, golf apparel printing fabric, jacquard fabric golf apparel, golf apparel multi-layer composite fabric, polyester wicking fabric golf apparel, golf Clothing antibacterial deodorant fabrics, golf outdoor fabric, UV-CUT fabric golf apparel, golf waterproof breathable fabric.

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