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What is the air-conditioning fiber fabric? The use of air-conditioning fiber fabric! The principle o

Published£º2009-10-28 16:06:01
Editors: Amyile              [Home]

The first is the use of air-conditioning fiber used to make spacesuits and developed, and its greatest feature is the ability to under the person¡¯s body temperature to automatically adjust the temperature of clothes, secret is that these fibers exist in the tens of millions of high energy conversion function The phase change material that can absorb and release energy continuously to adjust the temperature, which can make clothes can be maintained at a comfortable temperature range, just like a small air-conditioned, like, so the name "air-conditioning fiber."

Air Conditioning Fiber Products
Air-conditioning fiber fabric and its production methods, mainly by air-conditioned air-conditioning fabric fiber, superfine combed cotton and polyester woven into, and the weight percentages as follows: air-conditioning fiber 40-100%, 0-46% combed cotton, superfine polyester 0-18%.

Because of the air-conditioning fiber fabric to the adjustment formula and process methods, and different formulations for different treatment processes to make air-conditioning fiber spinning weaving possible; to make air-conditioning fiber fabric has both the regulatory function of temperature, another high-grade fabric should have the feel and texture.

Outlast fiber is a new air conditioner "smart" fibers, air-conditioning fiber key technology is to use micro-capsules wrapped in thermal phase change material, such fibers in the form of latent heat absorption, storage, release heat function.

When the temperature changes, can achieve solid, liquid mutual transformation, from which to absorb heat, heating purposes. Outlast fiber in air-conditioned capsules in the micro-thermal phase change material, can address the external environment temperature changes in the skin to respond accordingly, there is a buffer against temperature changes.

Modal fibers are 100% natural fiber, harmful to humans, and can be natural degradation, an eco-friendly fiber. Outlast / Modal yarn fabrics made from body heat can be automatic, is comfortable, soft, ideal for fiber material. Underwear made from not only allows its wearer warm in the winter as in spring, but in summer can feel Cecil coolness, at present the product has been recognition of the international and domestic markets. To become the new darling of textile raw materials.

Air-conditioning fiber fabric Product Description
1, air-conditioning fiber is a comfort product that allows regenerative thermal protection, but not fever, is a relative variability of micro-capsules, the principle is to temperature stored in the micro-capsules will not be distributed inside out, to achieve constant temperature role.
2, by air-conditioned fiber clothing, because of the tens of thousands of energy conversion has a phase change material, which constantly absorbing and releasing energy to regulate temperature, so clothing can be maintained at a comfortable temperature range, can be used to the system Dongnuanxialiang clothing.
3, Uses: used extensively for outdoor clothing, underwear, hats, gloves and bed supplies paste the skin surface.
4, Outlast fibers can not be filling air-conditioning agents, printing, otherwise it will undermine its function and style.

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