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What is germanium? What is germanium fabric? Germanium fabric test report? Germanium material on the

Published£º2009-11-06 11:19:22
Editors: Amyile              [Home]

Germanium metal through a small amount of energy (body temperature) have an effect, but other semiconductor must be through the high levels of energy (high temperature, current, voltage), germanium nucleus surrounded by 32 Electronics, the most outer orbit of the four electrons irregular movement. Once the temperature rises, the most outer orbit of an electron from the orbit would be due to stimulation. The off-track in the electronic facilitate the adjustment of biological ion balance, making the body back to normal the abnormal neural circuitry, with the prevention and improvement of physical discomfort and the effectiveness of massage and other spa effect. Germanium also adjust the potential of the human body is not a normal function, potential sharp rise in the cancer cells, germanium element is the electronic capture cancer cells, it decreased potential to curb the disease from worsening.

Ge metal semiconductor feature can enhance the body temperature, thereby promoting blood circulation, reducing fatigue; germanium in medicinal health effects: strengthening natural healing power, to improve the physical body, prevent aging, prevent cancer, elimination of tumors, liver disease, asthma, blood pressure adjusted to exclude the body of toxins, autonomic nervous system disorders, chronic conditions, etc.

Organic Germanium in the human body has a strong dehydrogenation ability to prevent cell aging, boosting the body¡¯s immune system
Its effect on the human body are as follows:
1. Activation of biological currents, promote blood circulation, improve and prevention of physical discomfort
2. To protect red blood cells to resist the attacks of foreign-rays so that is not compromised
3. Metabolism, immunity to restore and enhance the body¡¯s natural healing ability
4. Anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-virus
Moreover, the germanium metal can be from a small amount of energy (temperature) that is able to work, this feature make it through contact with the human body play a role in health care

As science and technology development in skin care, health care products by adding there have been some compounds with biological activity of organic germanium products. Ge Ge is a silver-gray metallic element, 1886 by the German chemist Winkler separated from the mineral. And selenium, zinc, etc., as germanium is an essential trace element, is widely distributed in the ginseng, Chinese wolfberry, garlic, Ganoderma lucidum, aloe vera, tea and medicinal plants. Over the last decade, the biological activity of organic germanium compound has aroused great interest of scholars around the world. United States, Japan, Germany and Chinese scientists have carried out different types of cancer clinical trials, results showed that the organic germanium compounds have a good effect, and immune regulating activity, enhance immune function, no toxic side effects. Scientists also found that organic germanium compounds have a wide range of beneficial biological effects, such as to stimulate the hematopoietic system functions can significantly enhance the anti-oxidation system functionality to effectively remove free radicals in tissues and blood, with obvious anti-aging and maintain the effectiveness of youth . ¢Ù the mechanism may be through the anti-mutagenic effects of germanium compounds; ¢Ú germanium compounds, reactive oxygen species by scavenging free radicals and prevent reactive oxygen species on cells injury.
JLSUN ® Organic Germanium GE finishing agent by the GE-1 and GE-2 of two parts, of which GE-1 stock solution toxic to humans (not oral), aqueous solution is alkaline, specific gravity: 1.18, flash point:> 200 ¡æ, easy to soluble in water; GE-2 acidic aqueous solution, specific gravity: 1.05, flash point:> 200 ¡æ, soluble in water. GE-1 and GE-2 have the appearance of a colorless transparent liquid, are soluble in water, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-pollute the environment. Organic Germanium GE finishing of fabric finishing agents on human security, to the skin without stimulation, no allergic reaction.
JLSUN ® Organic Germanium GE finishing agent easy to use, does not affect the fabric color and powerful. GE applied to cotton, hemp, wool, silk, viscose rayon and blended fabric finishing capabilities. It also gives the fabric excellent performance of the following:
1, after finishing of the fabric of this product organic germanium content is more than 1500mg/Kg, washed 30 times after the organic-germanium content is more than 800mg/Kg.
2, Sweat-absorbent breathable: After finishing the product of fine fabrics absorb moisture, ventilation is good, sweat and moisture quickly directed away from the skin surface.
3, hydrophilic: After finishing the fabric in this product feel comfortable, good hydrophilicity, anti-static, there is a certain anti-fouling nature.
Organic Germanium GE processing finishing agents can be used impregnation process, dipping process rolling method
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