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Fitness of the far-infrared thermal fabric introduction?

Published:2009-11-20 09:47:36
Editors: Amyile              [Home]

Along with social progress and the continuous improvement of quality of life, health, become a people’s pursuit of fashion. The presence of far-infrared radioactive substances constitute the fabric of health care mechanism. When people wear and use of this fabric, it can absorb the sun and so far-infrared and converted into heat, heat the human body can also be obtained thermal effects of reflection, this far-infrared radioactive substance in the body under the effect of temperature can be high efficient manner for the 8-14μm wavelength emitted far infrared, in addition to be used as insulation material, but also with antibacterial, anti-odor, promote blood circulation and other functions, is an ideal warm textiles fitness.
Far Infrared is a growing need for human and animal nutrition to survive, the far-infrared band can easily be absorbed by the body, the human body to absorb, not only the surface of the skin produce thermal effects, but also through molecular resonance effect, so that the skin deep organizations, self-heating caused by the role, which can stimulate the production of cell activity, promote the role of the body’s metabolism, thereby improving blood micro-circulation, improve body immunity, play a series of health-care effects:
(1) the temperature inside the garment fabrics higher than normal, with warm function;
(2) The wearing of clothing made from this fabric, there is a relaxed and comfortable feeling, with the elimination of fatigue, restore physical function;
(3) neuralgia, muscle pain and other pain-relieving functions;
(4) arthritis, frozen shoulder, bronchitis, prostatitis and other inflammatory with anti-inflammatory functions;
(5) cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease and other common diseases have a certain amount of para-medical functions;
(6) has antibacterial, deodorant and beauty features.
As the far-infrared health-care fabrics with these features, so commonly used in the production of fleece Trousers, underwear, nursing neck, shoulder pad, nursing abdomen, knee pads, socks products, cushion, bedding, bedspread and so on, for the frail and sick, Qi chills the elderly and patients, for clothing, light, winter training athletes, as well as the troops hit the outdoor cold or the field staff of concerned, is undoubtedly a well-being. Even for the common people are concerned, may also play a role in disease prevention and health care.
Development of far-infrared fabric used by the far-infrared radioactive materials, mainly ceramic material, of which chromium oxide, magnesium oxide, zirconium oxide and other metal oxides the best performance. Before use, must be broken to such a far-infrared ceramic particle number of microns or even less than 1 micron powder. To make this combination of a ceramic powder and textile fabrics There are two far-infrared technology, process route. One is carried out in the post-finishing process, using far-infrared ceramic powder, adhesives and additives according to a certain percentage of preparation into a finishing agent, and then coated fabric and padding, so after finishing agents were smeared on fiber or fabric, after drying, heat treatment, so far-infrared ceramic powder attached to the fabric and the yarn between the yarn between the fibers; second blend spinning method is used, the far-infrared ceramic powder evenly added to the spinning between the silk dope.
On the fiber structure, apart from normal structures, including hollow fibers, shaped fibers and composite fiber. Fabrics from the far-infrared radiation far-infrared energy, resistance to washing and taking of view, the former than the latter.
Using a special process can be seaweed seaweed carbide carbon particle diameter of 0.4 microns can be achieved with a blend of polyester filament spinning to infiltrate within a filament made of far-infrared washing. The fabric close to body temperature under 35 ℃, can be efficiently radiation far infrared radiation rate as high as 94%. When the fabric contains seaweed, the consumption of carbon fiber to reach 15-30%, it will be able to get the full effect of the radiation, and the algae carbon inexpensive, can reduce the cost of far-infrared fabric. Also has the help of glass fiber spinning techniques, using alumina ceramic material for high-temperature melt spinning, followed by melting tank and coated with a layer of polymer film, thereby increasing fiber flexibility. In the development of high-grade wool fabric fabric, it can in the far-infrared wool fabric finishing before the use of caustic soda solution to the surface of wool fibers swelling of scale can be effectively adsorbed far-infrared ceramic powder, when the low temperature scale restitution, far infrared ceramic powder was sealed inside the hair fiber, thus enhancing the far-infrared wool fabric quality and performance. To further enhance the far-infrared fabric care features, people are looking for functionality combined with other technologies, such as fabrics and electric insulation poised functional fabrics combined. Regenerative thermal insulation fabric is a kind of material can absorb solar energy will enable the wavelength of 2 microns or less of the high-energy light into heat, it can give better play to far-infrared health care function of the fabric. Along with the development of science and technology in recent years, heating the fabric to obtain a larger development, and generally use the stainless steel doped fiber yarn, conductive carbon coating or a conductive polymer fiber yarn woven yarn made, as far-infrared fabric heat source, especially for the production of far infrared heating pad products such as composite functions.

Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Limited trading as far-infrared health-care functional fabrics compliance, quality assurance, welcome advice to negotiate. Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. Far-infrared health functions of fabric has the following characteristics:
1. Functional fibers, functional fibers combed cotton blended fabrics different components to meet the different needs;
2. Concept: high-quality, high-end products;
3. After testing, power far-infrared textile fabrics in full compliance with licensing standards for health functions of far infrared textile requirements. Brand Products Act reactive spinning rate of 0.92 to the launch, animal experiments microcirculation blood flow has increased by 50%.
4. Can be customized according to customer demand functional fabrics.
5. Special Services: Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. can provide functional verification tag.
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